Our Company

What you should know about us

We’re a close knit team of friendly professionals who are deeply committed to the task of making it easier for you to navigate the world of finance. We’re not just a team in name only. We actually work together, side by side to take care of you. We know trust is the most important ingredient in our relationship with you. We work hard to earn and keep that trust every day.

“For us it’s personal. We can’t imagine managing finances for strangers. That’s why we’re involved in our clients’ lives. In this age of ever accelerating technology and automation, we work to know you, your needs and your dreams. We’ll be there for you, in person.”
James BrandenburghCEO, Clarify Wealth Management

Our Team

Clarify Wealth is a group of financial experts with a common purpose.
We believe in great communication, leading with integrity, and service to others.